Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes look, feel, and seem like a real cigarette. The difference is that there is no real smoke. Only vapor is released from the device.

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APV's Mods

Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV's) and high performance Modified Models (Mods) are quickly becoming the wave of the future.

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E-Liquids, also known as E-Juice have very few ingredients. Most people conclude that less ingredients are less harmful than many carcinogens.

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What to think about when considering an alternative

Many people start out with a starter kit to see if they can enjoy the vaping experience. There are many products that will give a new person a quality start with vaping. This site will provide ideas and starter kits that provide good quality at reasonable prices.

Most people that stick with vaping as an alternative ultimately wind up with an Advanced Personal Vaporizer so they have the best long-term vaping experience possible. Please watch the video to the right that shows a high quality Advanced Personal Vaporizer, then click banner below.

It is best to try an E-cig from a local retail outlet and see if you like vaping: This can keep costs down. If you find you do like vaping as an alternative, a good suggestion is to spend money once on a quality Advanced Personal Vaporizer and experiment from there. Cartridges filled with E-Liquid can be quite expensive. More explanation in E-Liquid area.